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How do I update my office preferences?

Office Preferences is where you change any and all office information in Touchbase. Here you can:

  • Manage your default office hours
  • Change the default order of the names in your office
  • Opt in or out of including the senders initials in a message
  • Abbreviate the office's name when sending a text message
  • Abbreviate the office's name in the branch list
  • Upload your logo so that it shows in your reports
  • Manage listing dispatch
  • Manage keyboard shortcuts
  • Manage holidays

Learn more here.

What is the Smart Duty schedule?

Realtors have the option to take part in Smart Duty. To participate, they can opt-in under the Settings section of their Touchbase mobile app.

Once the Duty Schedule is activated, Touchbase will automatically assign incoming messages to the person on duty at that time. When a message comes in that is not assigned to any agent in particular, simply type Duty in the To: field of the Send messages page. Touchbase will take care of sending it to the right person!

For more details, consult our article on the Touchbase Duty Schedule.

How do I generate Touchbase reports?

The reports section in the administrative interface gives you access to several report templates. Click on Reports in the left-hand menu, and fill in the fields corresponding to the report you would like to generate. For more details, consult our article on Admin reports.

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