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1- Getting started with Touchbase
The basics - sending messages via MLS and Touchbase, choosing your message reception preferences.
2- Customize your settings
Setting up your profile, creating and customizing user notes.
3- Customize your listings
Setting up your listings - customizing showing settings and listing notes, automatic confirmations, required notice before showing, double bookings. Learn to set up showing availability so you can automate the showing process and eliminate redundant work.
4- Custom feedback requests & replacements
Setting up automatic feedback requests with custom questions, setting up vacation replacements.
5- Send Notice & Showing feedback
Sending a notice about a listing to all those who have previously shown interest. Setting up your sellers to receive showing requests, confirmations and cancellations. Viewing showing feedback for each listing.
6- Active inbox & Pending response
Managing your incoming and outgoing messages with Touchbase's smart tools.
7- The Touchbase calendar & map
Learning to use the auto-update calendar and Touchbase map.
8- Touchbase reports
Understanding the different types of reports that can be generated in Touchbase. Setting up automatic reports for yourself or your clients.