Admin reports

Admin reports

The reports section gives you access to several new report templates, allowing for the simple creation of a standardized report. These reports can be as concise, or as detailed, as you need them to be.

Simply click on the type of report you'd like:

  • Message Reports - detailed message reports.
  • Activity Reports - information on those who have shown your property.
  • Statistic Reports - messages received per property.
  • Property Reports - appointment activity.
  • Other Reports - duty reports and your contact book.

Important things to know about Touchbase reports:

  • Each report can be personalized, or can be accessed via configured dates.
  • For each type of report, it's possible to add filters, allowing you to create a very precise report.
  • Reports are easily converted into PDFs, for easy printing, e-mailing or saving.
  • The export features offers you several options. You can export your report as an XML, CSV, TIFF, PDF, Web Archive or Excel file.
  • You can personalize your reports by including your company logo (which can be added in Office Preferences).

Messages are archived in the Touchbase system for 24 months. We recommend that agents send themselves reports by email, to ensure that they are accessible forever if needed. Learn more about automatic reports here.