How to send a group notice

How to send a group notice

The top-requested Touchbase feature is here!

Send a group message to people who have shown interest in one of your listings, to advise them of any changes, such as:

  • Change of price
  • Offer received
  • Accepted offer falling apart due to financing

To access this feature, open your Touchbase mobile app to Listings > Select the listing in question > Send notice.

Under recipients, un-check anyone to whom you do not want to send the message. Everyone will be selected by default. This includes anyone who has:

  • Requested a showing
  • Requested information on the property

Once you have chosen your recipients, enter the message you would like to send. As is the norm with Touchbase, each recipient will receive the message on the device they've set up in their Touchbase profile.

Enter your callback number (your default number is autopopulated).

Press Send or select the Send Later option.

You can also unsubscribe from these notices, if you are not longer interested in a certain property. Learn how here.