Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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For Real Estate Agents

Our most frequently asked questions from real estate agents.

How do I archive messages in my app?
  1. Go to Active Inbox
  2. Click on the icon to the left of the message you would like to archive
  3. The icons will become checkboxes - check off the ones you would like to archive, or select All at the top of the screen
  4. Click on Archive
How do I opt out of property notices?

If you have shown a property but do not wish to receive updates related to that listing, you can opt out of these communications.

To do so, open the group notice in your Active Inbox and click on the link to stop receiving messages for this property.

For more information about our Send Notice feature, visit our article here.

How do I opt out of automated feedback requests?

To stop receiving requests for feedback, go to Settings > Reception profile > Other options (at the top of the screen).

Click the toggle next to Receive automated showing feedback requests to turn it to 'off'.

How can I change the way I receive messages?

With Touchbase, you decide how agents reach you - not the other way around.

Choose whether you want your messages to come in by email, SMS, or via your Touchbase app. You can combine any of these methods of communication and tailor them to your needs.

To do this, go to Settings > Reception profile. Under Destinations, your current setup is displayed. You can click on these to edit the specific message types received by each.

To add a new email or phone number (for SMS), click on the appropriate link under Actions.

You can opt out of certain message types under the Other options toggle at the top of the screen.

To learn more about setting up your profile, see our article here.

How can I include my seller in the showing process?

Touchbase offers a feature that allows you to include your seller in certain communications, including showing requests, confirmations, cancellations, and feedback.

To set this up, select the listing under My Listings. Enter your seller's name and choose either Add email or Add phone.

Once you've entered your seller's contact information, use the toggles under Send the following notifications to seller(s) to choose which types of messages to include them in.

For more information and best practices, see our article here.

How can I send a group message regarding a listing?

This popular feature can be used to notify agents of a change of price, a conditional offer, or any other change on your listing that you wish to share.

Under the My Listings section of the app, start by selecting the listing in question, then click Send notice. A checklist of all the agents having requested information or a showing for this listing will appear.

Deselect anyone you do not want to contact. Type in your message and hit Send.

For more information about the Send Notice feature, see our article here.

How can I set up showing availability?

You can set up each of your listings' showing availability with the Availability Calendar.

Choose the listing under My Listings and click on Showing Availability.

Then, double-click the day of the week you would like to add an availability block to. A window will pop up with the following options: Pre-approved, Not possible, and Open House.

Select the correct availability type and enter the start and end times. You can also choose whether you want this availability block to repeat weekly or not.

To learn more about showing availability and the benefits of setting up each listing, visit our article on Showing Availability.

How do I set up my Touchbase profile?

The easiest and most efficient way to set up your Touchbase profile is to download the Touchbase mobile app. Otherwise, log into Touchbase and manually set up your profile under the Profile tab. Add the phone number (SMS) or email on which you wish to receive your messages.

How long are my reports saved for?

By default, all Touchbase reports are saved in our database for two years. It's always a good idea to set up automatic reports and send them to yourself, in case you need to refer to them later on. This subscription feature can also be used to send daily, weekly, or monthly reports to your clients or team members. To find out how to subscribe to reports, click here.

Where can I change the numbers I see in my list of callback numbers?

Your phone numbers can be modified with each outgoing message, but the default number is the one that is registered with your real estate board.

Can I set up a replacement in Touchbase?

Absolutely! If you are a real estate agent, you can find the replacement options under Settings in your Touchbase mobile app.

To set up a replacement as an office admin on behalf of an agent, use the Replacements tab.

How do I set up listing notes and lockbox information?

This information can be modified in the Listings section.

  1. Agents - Set up listing details from your Touchbase mobile app.
  2. Admins -Set up listing details on behalf of an agent as an office admin.
Where can I download the Touchbase app?

The Touchbase app is the showing management platform that fits in your pocket.

You can download the app here if you're using an Android device, or get it here if you're using iOs (Apple).

How do I change my password?

Please contact the Touchbase support team to request a password change.

For Real Estate Brokerages

Our most frequently asked questions from real estate brokerages and admins.

How do I update my office preferences?

Office Preferences is where you change any and all office information in Touchbase. Here you can:

  • Manage your default office hours
  • Change the default order of the names in your office
  • Opt in or out of including the senders initials in a message
  • Abbreviate the office's name when sending a text message
  • Abbreviate the office's name in the branch list
  • Upload your logo so that it shows in your reports
  • Manage listing dispatch
  • Manage keyboard shortcuts
  • Manage holidays

Learn more here.

What is the Smart Duty schedule?

Realtors have the option to take part in Smart Duty. To participate, they can opt-in under the Settings section of their Touchbase mobile app.

Once the Duty Schedule is activated, Touchbase will automatically assign incoming messages to the person on duty at that time. When a message comes in that is not assigned to any agent in particular, simply type Duty in the To: field of the Send messages page. Touchbase will take care of sending it to the right person!

For more details, consult our article on the Touchbase Duty Schedule.

How do I generate Touchbase reports?

The reports section in the administrative interface gives you access to several report templates. Click on Reports in the left-hand menu, and fill in the fields corresponding to the report you would like to generate. For more details, consult our article on Admin reports.

How do I set up groups in Touchbase?

You can set up groups in the Groups section of the administrative interface in the left-hand menu. To create a new group, click on the name of the first person you would like to add, from the list. Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard, and click on each of the following people you want to add. Once you have highlighted all the appropriate members, type in the name of your new group on the right side of the page, under Add a group. Lastly, click Add this group to the list.

For more information, visit our article about Group messages.

For Real Estate Associations

Information for executive officers, technical support, and more.

What is Realty Watch?

Touchbase can be used to send out important messages quickly, such as Amber Alerts. Certain real estate boards use Touchbase to aid police, using REALTORS® as extra eyes and ears in the community. This program is called Realty Watch.

Realty Watch is a community crime prevention program operating across the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada, from Whistler to Hope and every community in between. Over 14,000 REALTORS® assist police as extra "eyes" in their communities.

REALTORS® are able to observe and report to police any suspicious activity they may happen upon in their day-to-day business.

In emergency situations, REALTORS® respond to a police/RCMP-activated fan-out via Touchbase to search for missing or abducted children, or vulnerable adults. Within minutes of receiving a fan-out request from police, Realty Watch sends a message to REALTORS’® phones, pagers, emails, and Touchbase apps, asking them to keep a lookout for the missing person.

Since each member has a Touchbase profile, they are immediately reached on the device that they are most likely to check regularly. Learn more about Touchbase profiles here.

How do I generate reports?

Log in to Touchbase and select Statistics.

Fill in the fields corresponding to your query, and click generate report.

You can even export your reports!

How do I log in to Touchbase?

You can access your Touchbase login codes by contacting our customer support team at 1 (800) 469-1664.

Once you have your access codes, visit and click on Log in (in the top-right corner).

Select your board from the drop-down list > Enter your username and password > Click Login

What can I use Touchbase for?

Did you know that Real Estate Board members have their own Touchbase login codes?

You can use Touchbase to:

  • Send group pages to your members with our Board-wide messaging tool
  • Generate reports and statistics
  • Edit your board's default settings