How to impress your sellers with Touchbase

It’s no secret that Touchbase was designed with realtors, brokerages and offices in mind.

We wanted to offer them a showing management platform that would become their “pocket-sized toolbox” and help them to easily manage schedules and showings, increase communication and obtain feedback.

While Touchbase is a powerful tool that helps agents to effectively and consistently stay on top of things, it’s also proven to have a fantastic impact on sellers. How so? Well, Touchbase helps realtors win more listings and close more sales, while keeping sellers in the loop throughout the whole process.

Let’s take a look at 5 ways to absolutely wow your sellers with Touchbase.

1. More showings, less back-and-forth

Handling showing requests, scheduling visits, checking sellers’ availability and sending out confirmations take time. Time that could be otherwise be spent doing more showings and increasing your chances of getting the home sold quickly. 

Touchbase helps you save time and energy by letting you set up everything in advance. By entering all the information such as showing instructions, showing availability, and lockbox codes once, you can eliminate several steps in the showing process. You no longer need to type out things like ''Off lights. Leave card. Don't let the cat out. Lockbox is on the left of the mailbox.'' each time you confirm a showing. All that info can be sent out automatically whenever you confirm a showing! You can also allow double booking, and even auto-confirm or block showings during specific times or entire days! Here's how.

2. Communication, the ultimate elixir

Selling a home can be a stressful process for your sellers, and keeping them in the loop is a fantastic way to give them some control.

Of course, they should always know when a showing will be taking place and whether they have to get out the house. We take it up a notch. With Touchbase, you can enter your clients’ email address or cell phone number to allow them to confirm or decline showing requests themselves. They can also receive notifications when a showing has been confirmed or cancelled.

3. The mighty feedback

Feedback is an important part of the showing process for both agents and sellers. The latter usually want to know what prospective buyers think of their home, what can quickly be improved before the next showing, etc.

In order to get precise and useful feedback, make sure to ask specific questions about each listing and send an automated showing feedback request after each visit. Automated feedback requests can be customized. You can choose the delay after which each request will automatically be sent out. For example, allow 6 hours to pass between the time of the showing (ex: 3:00 p.m.) and the time that the feedback request is sent (ex: 9:00 p.m.).

4. Wow sellers with reports

Another great way to impress your clients with your impeccable service is to regularly send them reports. This allows them to keep track of the number of showings that have taken place at their property, as well as any requests that were cancelled, or any other information that can prove pertinent to them.

Automate reports daily, weekly or monthly to ensure your clients are always aware of all the hard work you are putting in to sell their home.

Here’s how to set reports up.

5. Your tech savviness for all to see

In this day and age, sellers - especially the younger ones - are looking for tech-savvy agents. 

In fact, since millennials represent the largest cohort of buyers and sellers across the country, it’s not surprising that they may “jive” more with an agent who uses up-to-date technology rather than paper, texts them information instead of calling them, sends them real-time updates on showings and feedback and provides everything they need online or through an app.

Not only does Touchbase help you stay on top of things, save time and make your job a lot easier, it also helps sellers feel involved and never kept in the dark. A win-win situation for everyone.