Duty schedule

Duty schedule

A useful feature in the Touchbase administrative interface is the automatic duty schedule, or Smart Duty schedule.

Realtors have the option to take part in Smart Duty. To participate, they can opt-in under the Settings section of their Touchbase mobile app.

Once the Duty Schedule is activated, Touchbase will automatically assign incoming messages to the person on duty at that time. When a message comes in that is not assigned to any agent in particular, simply type Duty in the To: field of the Send messages page. Touchbase will take care of sending it to the right person!

How does Touchbase decide who to send the message to?

Smart Duty has several factors to consider before sending a message to an agent. It considers who is in the office (as defined by the Presence feature), who was the last to receive a message, and who has an active profile. The Smart Duty system will send the message to the agent who's gone the longest without receiving a call. Users who check the box to be part of the Smart Duty function will get priority over their co-workers, as do brokers.

If there is no explicit duty schedule, Touchbase will use the Smart Duty function by default, making sure messages always have a recepient.