Touchbase SM2 for Assistants

Touchbase SM2 for Assistants

In this comprehensive guide, we're going to discuss the key features, functionalities, and settings that will enable you to manage your team effectively using the new assistant interface of the Touchbase SM2 App.

The New Interface

The new interface is designed to enable unlicensed assistants to manage their teams with ease. The interface also allows you to download the Touchbase app and use it under your own profile. Please note that this new interface is only for assistants and not for real estate agents.

Moreover, changes made in the new interface are reflected in the previous version. For instance, if you add an email to a reception profile in the new interface, that change will appear in the previous version as well.

Personification Feature

A focal point of the new assistant interface in Touchbase is the personification menu. This menu allows you to personify one of your colleagues to access any information you might need. To use this feature, you must first be part of a Touchbase team. Please note that if you have more than one assistant in your Touchbase team, you will not be able to personify another assistant. You can only personify real estate agents.

There are two ways to open the personification menu:

  1. Click on your name at the top of the menu on the left
  2. Click on the profile picture in the upper right-hand corner

Once you've opened the personification menu, the person you're personifying will be highlighted in blue. To personify a real estate agent, simply click on their name.

Sending Messages and Generating Reports

As an assistant, you can send showing requests on behalf of the real estate agent you're personifying. To do this, switch to your colleague’s profile and click on "send message," select "showing request," and enter the recipient's name. Choose the listing, set the requested date and time, type in your message, and hit send.

If you send messages on behalf of your colleague, it is also reflected in the reports feature. For example, you can generate a detailed report on the messages sent on a given day. The sender in the reports will be indicated as the assistant, even if the message was sent from the agent being personified.

Settings and Active Inbox

In the assistant version, you now have your own active inbox. This inbox contains all messages sent to you in Touchbase. 

Calendar and Showings

The calendar section allows you to see all of your teammates' showings at a glance. However, to modify the showings, you need to personify the colleague in question.

Listing Dispatch

As an unlicensed assistant, you don't have a default listing dispatch. However, if there are listings for which you're not receiving communications, you can include yourself by going to "My Listings," selecting the listing in question, going to "Listing Dispatch," and including yourself in the communications.

To ensure you won't have to do this for every listing, you can also check your colleague's default listing dispatch and include yourself by default.


If you ever need to disconnect from the personification, there's a button at the bottom of the personification menu that you can use to do so.