How top-performing REALTORS® prepare for the upcoming high season

Preparing for the high season by working smarter, not harder

When the high season kicks off, it can sometimes be hard to adjust to the increase in volume.

Top-performing agents know that in order to cope with the heightened workload, they need to automated as many recurring tasks as possible. Touchbase makes this possible in a few different ways.

To automate your tasks, you will need to download the Touchbase mobile app, if you haven't already.

Auto-confirm showings

The Touchbase availability calendar allows you to pre-approve certain time frames, so that showing requests are automatically approved.

Non-confirm showings

Use the availability calendar to block off times that you know are unavailable for showings. The showing agent will be asked to choose a different time before sending the request. This saves you time by reducing the number of messages exchanged with the showing agent, when trying to settle on a time.

Host an open house

The availability calendar also has an Open house option. Use it to show your fellow agents that you'll be hosting an open house - they'll be able to see it in the calendar via Touchbase or their MLS.

Take it a step further by sending a notice to announce your open house to anyone who previously showed interest in your listing.

Add showing instructions & lockbox information

Showing instructions are one of the more repetitive aspects of the showing management process. So why not automate them? 

Instead of typing ''Off lights. Leave card. Don't let the cat out.'' every time you confirm a showing, add these notes under ''Automatic note sent with confirmation''. This section is found under My Listings > Select the listing in question > Showing Settings. You can also add the lockbox code, if applicable.

In combination with the auto-confirmed showings, this feature is a real time-saver! Now, when someone requests a showing of your listing, you will not only automatically confirm it, but the showing agent will also receive showing instructions and lockbox information - without you having to lift a finger. You will also receive a notice that there is a new showing on your listing.

Allow double booking

Need to save time? You can have your listing shown to more than one buyer simultaneously! Simply check off the Allow double booking box under Showing Settings.

Limit showings to 30 minutes

If you are experiencing high volumes, you may want to limit the length of showings. In order to do this, simply check off the Limit showing to 30 minutes box under Showing Settings.

Activate automated, customized feedback requests

With Touchbase, you can send a request for feedback automatically, at the time of your choosing, after each showing on your listing.

Not only can you control when the feedback request is sent (ex.: 3 hours after each showing), but you can also customize your feedback forms and assign them to each listing. This way, you save time and effort, and as an added bonus, your personalized questions are more likely to come back with detailed and informative answers! Learn more about custom feedback forms here.

By combining the automated features offered by Touchbase, you can save yourself several hours per week, which you can use to focus on providing your clients with impeccable service. Want to learn more about our availability calendar? Read the article here.