A summary of updates to Touchbase in 2019

A summary of updates to Touchbase in 2019

Part of our mission for the upcoming year is to improve communication with our members. Here you will find all the latest updates to the Touchbase platform.

Recent Developments & Updates

New features

  • Send notice feature: Send a group update to anyone who requested a showing or information about one of your listings
  • Calendar sync: Version 1 of calendar sync, allowing you to sync your Touchbase calendar with any other calendar you use on your device (BETA)
  • Block or dispatch feedback requests and reminders from all destinations in profile
  • Fully customizable feedback forms, with multiple templates that can be adapted to different types of listings

Touchbase Mobile app

  • Available on Apple and Android devices
  • Quick loading time and redesigned notification process
  • Built-in calendar that updates every 5 seconds
  • New search functions for faster results: search by name, address or MLS
  • Two app updates performed in the last 3 months to ensure quick adaptation as new devices become available
  • Average 2-second message transmission delay
  • Now possible to enter up to 750 characters for all communications
  • Open house schedules now synched to Touchbase from MLS and appear as pre-approved in the property’s agenda
  • When requesting a showing, now possible to enter any desired time instead of being limited to 15-minute increments

Learn more about the Touchbase mobile app here.

Instant messaging

  • Average 2-second transmission delay on the app, or 25 seconds via SMS texting
  • SMS now sent with a short reply link, allowing confirmations in a single click

Message length

  • Now possible to enter up to 750 characters for all communications
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