7 new updates in the Touchbase mobile app

7 new updates in the Touchbase mobile app

We've been hard at work on some improvements to our app - from visual changes to new features!

1. New icons to display message type

We have recently added some new icons to our mobile app to make it easier to navigate and quickly recognize message types as they are coming in.

Here are the icons that have been modified or added:

Request for info on a property
Group message
Send Notice
Showing feedback received
Showing feedback request

The objective of these modifications is to make it easier for agents to quickly identify a message type while eliminating any confusion caused by visually similar icons.

2. New: 3rd and 4th listing agents can now receive messages on co-listed properties

We have added the 3rd and 4th listing agents to our message distribution grid (listing dispatch).

3. a) The default listing dispatch (message distribution grid) for all properties is at the agent settings level.

Go to Settings > Listing dispatch

If you have never customized the distribution to include the 2nd listing agent or the seller, a note appears mentioning that it is a default distribution (board level configuration).

In the case below, when a collaborating agent sends a request for a property, the request will be received by the listing broker chosen by the collaborating broker even if there are 2 listing brokers.

In this case, the request will be received by the 1st listing agent even if there are 2, 3 or 4 co-listing agents.

To customize: Click on the line corresponding to the recipient you want to add to the distribution. A window with various options will open. Select the option that suits you, and make sure to click Save before closing the window.

Note that the Seller recipient is not found at the Settings level of the grid but can be edited at the Listing level.

3. b) The listing dispatch grid at property level

To access it: click on ''my listings'', on the property then on 'listing dispatch''.

Here you see the configuration of the default listing dispatch that you have set up in Settings and adapted to this property. 

Note: If you set up a seller to receive notifications you will see them in the grid.

If there is no 2nd, 3rd or 4th collaborating agent, they will not appear in the grid for this property.

To make changes to this property just follow the same steps as in Settings.

Note that, in the listing section, the 2nd line now displays the 2nd listing agent's name.

When a seller has been added to receive requests, confirmations, cancellations or follow-ups, the word "seller" automatically appears in the Listing dispatch grid including the notification choices.

4. Managing Callback Numbers

The section displaying the last 3 callback numbers has been simplified; there is no longer a drop-down menu (although it remains visible in the profiles section of the admin platform).

When sending a message or replying to a message, you see the number(s) sent with your last message.

You can click on the X to stop sending this number and this number will not appear again unless you enter it again. You can also add an additional number or modify your existing callback number.

5. You can now choose how many visit requests can be made per time slot for each of your listings.

To set this up, click on My listings > Choose the listing > Showing settings.

Instead of Accept multiple showings with an ON or OFF button, you will now see the following option: Number of showings per time slot. There is also a drop-down menu allowing you to choose how many simultaneous visits to allow for this listing.

Note: When the real estate board's default configuration is to authorize multiple visits, Touchbase allows an unlimited number of showings. In this case, you will see ''no limit'' by default. When multiple showings are not allowed at the board level, you will see the number 1 by default.

6. Visual improvement of the ''Notice on property'' function

Till now: when a listing agent sends a property notice and goes to his inbox in the ''Sent'' tab, the property notice appears in the list as if it has been sent to a single person.

The change: the notice sent appears in the ''sent'' tab with the new icon, the address and the message and no name.

By opening the contents of the history the listing agent sees the name of all the agents to whom the message was sent

Agents who receive the Send Notice see the new icon, listing agent  name, property address and message. 

When opening the message history there is no change, he sees: ''other recipients''.

Note that all team members and co-listers will see all the names if they too were on the mailing list.

7. Notification to the listing broker for the seller's deadline exceeded to respond to a visit request

When showing requests are configured to "On demand" or "Yes" for the seller, the listing agent can configure a time limit. If the seller doesn't respond to the showing request within the configured time limit, the listing agent will receive a notification indicating that the seller's time limit has expired

To configure it, you access it from Settings, Reception profile, Other options section.