Sending a message

Sending a message

Sending a message with Touchbase is easy. When you log into Touchbase, the first page you will see is the 'Send messages' page. Simply fill in the fields corresponding to the message you would like to send.

When sending a message, use the following keyboard shortcuts to increase your efficiency:

Tab - Pressing tab takes you to the next field, and filling that field isn't mandatory. Meaning you can "tab" your way through a message faster than ever! Once the recipient name is selected - tab is your new best friend!

Arrows - The arrow keys allows you to navigate through a field (like a property list).

Enter - Enter selects whatever is highlighted, while also brings you to the next field.

Between these three typing tools, the administrative interface is faster than ever!


  • "Enter" is you main tool to move forward, quickly and easily  
  • The "Tab" key immediately brings you to the next field.

You have the option to send a message at a later time or date, using the 'Send later' button.