Showings in process

Showings in process

The Showings in Process window is grid-like, keeping all information neat and easily accessible. You can also, at all time, choose to see more or less information. By pressing the plus (+) or minus (-) sign next to each property.

The Showings in Process page allows you to clearly enter vendor information, to edit the listing dispatch, as well as to edit showing instructions or other property-related directives. You'll also notice a cleaner view of your office properties when they're minimized. This new feature also allows you to easily see the phone number of the showing agent.

The Showings in Process window is meant to help optimize showing management by being clear and inclusive. Its grid format is meant to ease organization and legibility.

Non-MLS listings in Showings in Process

Sometimes administrative staff receive showing requests for properties that are not yet in the system. They usually then select "property not listed" and send a message to whomever is on duty.

Now, that showing request will show up in the Showings in Process window. Having these showings pop up in the Showings in Process window means you can:

  • Confirm
  • Cancel
  • Modify
  • View a report
  • See the front desk process
  • View and edit the listing

The Showings in Process window allows you to sort, or search through listings quickly and easily. So even if the listing isn't traditional, it can be easily located. This means that no matter what, all showing requests will be addressed in a timely manner.

Action History

The Action History section of a listing tracks everything that's been done in regards to that specific showing request. This allows all those involved in the showing process to see when agents or vendors have been contacted.