If you're a new Touchbase user, you'll see the Profile Wizard the first time you log into Touchbase. It allows you to set up your Touchbase profile quickly and easily by following the steps indicated on the screen.

As administrative staff, you have access to all of the profiles in your office. To make changes to an agent's profile, or to your own, you would simply go to the Profile section and select the "edit" button next to the name of the agent whose profile you'd like to edit. Here, you have access to all of the profiles in your office. You can add a cell phone number or an email address, depending on the desired format of incoming messages. You can also choose to add both.

Please note that if an agent would like to add the Touchbase mobile app to their profile, they can only do so by downloading the app, and signing in. This will automatically add this destination to their Touchbase profile.

The tabs accessible in Profile are:

Text Messages -  the main Profile window, where you program your office profiles (as shown to the right). This is where people decide where they'd like to receive their text messages. Once you click "edit" next to a name, you're in a user's personal profile.

Listing Dispatch - where agents set up how they manage their listings. You can easily view all of the listings in the office, and edit their information.

User Notes - where you can add or remove notes attached to someones profile.

Parameters - allows you to control the callback numbers (and other options) associated with a profile. This includes permissions granted to administrative profiles.

Contacts - where you can access the recent contact information of people whom have contacted your office, or whom you have contacted.