Touchbase Announcements for Admins

Touchbase Announcements for Admins

Important: The Announcement feature displays your messages on the Touchbase App (mobile or desktop).

The Announcement will not generate any email or SMS messages, as it is intended to reduce the number of non-urgent notifications.

Touchbase Announcements

Administrators can now send information to their agents in the form of a popup on the Touchbase mobile app.

You can use this feature for announcements such as new listings, instead of sending a message that will sit in each agent's inbox.

To create an Announcement, click on the Announcement tab on the left-hand menu in the Admin platform.

Then, click on New Announcement.

Choose on whose mobile app you wish to display your Announcement by choosing a group from the list. Choose your language of correspondence, dates (how long you want this Announcement to be displayed), subject line and Announcement text.

You can format your message, add images, and more.

Note: if you do not have access to the Announcements tab, you may have a level 2 admin access. If this is the case, a level 1 admin will need to edit your settings.

To edit Announcement permissions, click on profiles, and select the admin profile in question. Then select parameters and scroll to the permissions section. 

How it works on the agent's end:

The Announcement will show on your agents' mobile apps when they open it up for the first time within the dates you have specified.

Agents have two options: close the Announcement, or view it again later. This message is not stored in their reports, so once they close it, it is gone.

If the agent chooses to view the Announcement later, the popup will reappear the following day, until either the agent marks it as read (closes it) or the time elapses based on the dates you entered when creating the message.

Please keep in mind that you will only be able to contact via Announcements those agents who have downloaded the Touchbase mobile app, or are using Touchbase on their computer.