Introducing the new Touchbase Real Estate help center

Touchbase is kicking off 2020 with new exciting updates and features! 

As Canada's leading real estate communication platform, a large portion of our success over the last two decades has relied on our ability to evolve, adapt and continuously add new features, based on our members’ requests and feedback. In 2019, we introduced our updated platform, with a more modern look and an improved user interface. We also rolled out dozens of bug fixes and updates, and upgraded our firewalls to bank-level security. What a year! See a summary of 2019 updates here. As the new year rolls around, we wanted to maintain this great momentum by tackling a big project: updating our Help Center. You’ve been asking for it, and we delivered. Using a new platform that allows our customer support team to add new articles, update existing ones, and provide videos, images and downloadable links, the new Touchbase Help Center is ready to roll out! You can now easily and quickly find all the answers to your questions online, without having to contact our support team. We remain available if you need us; however, we know how busy you are and that sometimes, you simply don’t have time to call or email support to request information. Our Help Center aims to make your life easier by providing you with everything you need in just a few clicks.

Help Center for Agents

This section is entirely dedicated to answering questions that we receive from agents: from sending a message to updating your listings, you'll find everything you need to work efficiently and master the use of our free mobile app. Check it out here.

Help Center for Brokerages

Admins can access our Help Center directly from Touchbase, in the left-hand menu. As our power users, admin feedback is extremely important to us - we know that you spend a lot of time using Touchbase and its efficiency is integral to your day running smoothly. Check out the admin section here.

If you feel that any topics are not covered in our Help Center, please feel free to contact us and let us know. We aim to continually evolve, based on the method that has worked so well for us throughout the years - listening to your feedback!

Help Center for Real Estate Associations

Board members can send board-wide messages, generate reports, and more with Touchbase. To learn more about the features available to you, consult the Board section of our new help center!