Touchbase Communicator

Touchbase Communicator

Touchbase Communicator is a virtual call center. It has been developed to help offices reduce/manage the office incoming phone calls during and/or after hours

- As a call dispatch system: redirection of incoming calls to the requested agent
- As an automated appointment desk: to manage the showing requests (when applicable)

Touchbase will provide you with a transfer line (you need to call your phone service provider to find out how to transfer your lines if you don't have that information).

The set up of your office Touchbase Communicator is usually done by our support team but some adjustments can be done by the admin in the office

The text of the message the caller will hear can be personalized.

Logged as an admin, access the section called Office preferences in the menu on the left,

from the drop down click on Touchbase Communicator

You will see your transfer number

Under the section Welcome message: you can type your general greeting and below in the next  section you can type the main message to give instructions to the caller.

Note that a recorded message can be attached if you wish your voice to read the message.

The message can be as simple as:

- If you know the name of the person you wish to speak to, please say their name now.

(those calls are redirected to the agent's cell phone, if the person is not available, they will be invited to leave a message that will be sent to them via email - they will receive a text message alert)

To choose those settings by default for each member

Log intoTouchbase via your admin profile

In profile section - click on the + in front of the name

Tab : Touchbase communicator

Step 1  choose to have

- the call transferred to the agent cell or another number (add the number of seconds before the call is due for step 2
- or a voice message recorded and sent to the agent via email,
- or the caller transferred to reception (if choice comes up)
- or Offer the caller the choice: 'Talk to the reception or leave a voice message (if choice comes up)

Step 2 if the transfer in step 1 is not  completed, choose what happens to that call

- forward the call to a different number than step 1
- or record a voicemail and have it sent to the agent via email
- or transfer to reception (if choice comes up)
- or Offer the caller the choice: 'Talk to the reception or leave a voice message (if choice comes up)
- orTerminate the call

Under configuration
1 - the email address of the recipient agent can be found there. If they wish to receive the voicemail to a different email address, the agent can simply enter a new one from his own account
2 - If you wish for them to receive an alert via text message advising them that they received a voicemail via email, click the option Yes and insure that they have their cell number in their Touchbase reception profile (SMS)
3 - Save your changes at the bottom

To test that line, simply call the transfer number directly.

For  support contact us directly via the link on the homepage of the help center or email us at