Sending board-wide messages

Sending board-wide messages

To send a board-wide message, start by logging into Touchbase.

You can send messages to your board members on their device of choice, as set up in their individual Touchbase profiles. This means that each person will receive your message on the device most likely to be consulted regularly, making board-wide messages an excellent way to reach your members.

You can choose to send messages based on the following criteria:

  • Sort by city
  • Send to all cities
  • Send to agents, managers and brokers
  • Send to Managers and brokers only
  • Send to admins only

You can also choose the level of urgency. We recommend using the standard priority, as this will not disrupt the normal flow of Touchbase messages between your members.

Each type of Touchbase messages is assigned a level of priority and is dispatched accordingly. If you choose to use the emergency setting, your message will take precedence on all other messages, potentially causing delays for messages your members are sending each other.

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