Reports for expired listings

Reports for expired listings

Agents and admins can now generate reports for inactive listings.

As most real estate boards' parameters are set to remove listings from our platform once they are sold or otherwise deactivated, this report serves as a tool to view details about those listing which have been removed from Touchbase.

This report can be generated by both office administrators and agents, using the desktop version or mobile version of Touchbase.

Touchbase real estate report by property
Mobile version

To view an inactive listings report, go to Reports > Report by property and toggle the option that says Show active listings.

Show active or expired listings on touchbase real estate

Click Display Report.

Real estate property report
Desktop version

To view only expired listings, go to Reports > Property report by status > Listing status.

You can select multiple options or use the 'select all' option.

Click Display Report.

Touchbase listing reports
Open your reports and click Property report by status
Property report by status
Select the status of the listings you would like to view.

To learn more about reports and automatic reports, visit the article here.